Pappas steps down as executive director of PPA

The Poker Players Alliance announced earlier this week that longtime executive director John Pappas is stepping down. Pappas has led the poker and internet gaming advocacy group for over a decade and will officially end his run as executive director at the end of February. He will remain on the PPA board of directors and continue to provide guidance to the organization as a strategic advisor.

In a release issued by the alliance, Pappas said: “There has never been greater momentum than right now for the advancement of sensible internet gaming policy in the U.S. Whether lawmakers are considering poker, casino gambling or even sports betting, a strong and organized grassroots effort will be critical to legislative success. I am proud of the work I have done with the PPA board of directors and the amazing PPA staff to bring us to this point.”

The Poker Players Alliance is made up of over one million members from around the U.S. dedicated to protecting players’ poker rights and promoting the game. During Pappas’ time as executive director, the alliance has had many noted accomplishments, including playing a critical role in bringing legal online poker to four U.S. states through lobbying, testifying as expert witnesses in front of state legislative bodies, and driving its members to deliver more than three million contacts to lawmakers through email, phone calls and social media. The alliance was also integral in helping to return more than $120 million to players who were left out to dry after Black Friday.

Muny named alliance president

Taking over Pappas’ role as head of the Poker Players Alliance under the new designation of president will be Rich Muny. He now serves as the alliance’s vice-president of player relations.

“I am honored that the PPA board of directors and the poker community have entrusted me with this role, and I join my fellow board members in thanking John Pappas for his decade of outstanding leadership in the fight for poker,” Muny said in the release.