Online Poker Pro to Launch Gaming Site

Online poker player Phil Galfond decides to launch a new online poker room to provide players with a quality option for online gaming.

There are tons of online poker sites available for players to enjoy today, from PokerStars to 888Poker. Each site offers a quality gaming experience, as long as players are familiar with the brand. There are some poker sites that are lacking and can lead to trouble for players including faulty software or problems with cashing out winnings. For players to get the most out of an online gaming experience it is best to deal with the experts. This is why a well-known poker pro is now planning on offering his very own online poker room.

Phil Galfond and Online Poker

The name Phil Galfond is a well-known one when it comes to online poker gaming. The pro has won tons of titles and has a nice chunk of change to his name thanks to his online game play. The pro already runs a training site known as Run It Once where players can learn from the best how to play the game better. Galfond has now announced he is planning on launching his very own online poker site to provide a stable poker economy.

The actual details of the site have yet to be launched but we do know that the launch is a few months away. On Twitter, Galfond stated that he wants a fair, honest, transparent poker site that believes in the dream that he lived. The pro feels that a poker site should believe in fairness and not for public image or profits but for the sake of fairness.

Galfond went on to state that he feels an online poker site shouldn’t let the honest players whether they are professional or recreational be taken advantage of by others who are exploiting unenforceable rules. The site should seek to stop predatory behavior and cheating of any kind that takes place. The site should also strive to offer a level playing field.

Give It a Go

Galfond now plans on giving online poker a go by launching his own site. It will be interesting to see how the pro uses his experience to create a poker site and if it is something that players will take to from the beginning. Several sites have already tried to improve the player ecology such as Party Poker. Waitlists have been removed from the site along with making anonymous tables when they are observed. Unibet has taken a social and recreational focus to try and do away with unfair competition between those who want to take advantage of lesser skilled players and those who just want to have fun playing poker online.

Changes have also been made to 888poker and PokerStars as well to try and help with such recreational gaming. Both sites have changed their VIP programs to cater less to the high volume player and more towards recreational players.

Galfond wants to take a look at what players want. The pro has requested that players take to the TwoPlusTwo forum and talk about what they would like to see. So far, the responses have been great with players giving their opinions freely and in a good way. Galfond stated that he understands the risks of opening an online poker site and feels that he has the right team in place to make the right things happen.

Everyone in the poker world will surely be watching to see just what type of site will be launched by the pro and who all is involved. New poker sites do not launch every day, especially ones by poker pros themselves!