Online Gambling Update for New Jersey

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement releases online gambling totals for September.

The state of New Jersey is one of only two states in the US that offers online casino gaming and one of only three that provides online poker options. The state has proven to be the top earner when it comes to online gaming revenues when compared to both Nevada and Delaware. Players living and visiting New Jersey love enjoying the online gaming options provided and September proved to be a profitable month for the state. The state was able to see a nice year-on-year increase in earnings for the month.

September Results

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released the latest reports for Atlantic City’s online gaming operators and the report showed that for September, totals came in at $16.2 million. This is a 35% increase when compared to the same month last year. The total is also more than what was earned in August, at around $100,000 over.

Online casino gaming revenues were up 38.6% when compared to September of last year with totals coming in at $14.2 million. Poker gaming revenues online were up as well with 14% more in earnings with $2 million brought in. Casino gaming online was up around $300,000 from last month while online poker was much lower, seeing a decline of around $150,000. When looking at year to date totals, the state was up 33% to $144.5 million with the online casino gaming numbers increasing just over 37% and online poker up 11%. Year to date totals equaled $124.5 million for casino gaming while poker came in under the $20 million mark.

Individual Operator Results

Looking at the individual operator results, usually the Borgata sites are at the top spot. However, this was not the case for September. The Borgata operated gaming sites actually slipped down to the second spot after the Golden Nugget saw an increase in activity for the month. The Golden Nugget was able to earn $3.66 million which is a slight increase from the $3.47 million earned in August.

The sites operated by the Borgata Casino earned $3.39 million which is slightly lower than the $3.73 million earned in August. The casino gaming sites for the Borgata brought in $2.75 million while the poker sites were able to bring in $631,000. Another online operator in the state, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, was not too far behind, taking in the 3rd spot with $3.24 million in earnings. This was an impression jump of around $150,000 from August. Casino gaming brought in $2.6 million and poker earned the brand $641,000.

For the Tropicana, the brand would come in at 4th with $3 million in earnings which was more than August by around $150,000 but not enough to push up a spot. Resorts Digital Gaming and the PokerStars partnership brought in just under $3 million in earnings with $2.91 million. Resorts however did take the top spot for online poker earnings, bringing in $744,000.

Continued Gains

The state continues to see gains as far as online gaming is concerned. Players continue to log on to the online poker and casino gaming sites in high numbers enjoying all the gaming options available. Players who live in the state as well as those who visit are easily able to log online and take part in casino and poker gaming. New Jersey has been the market leader for some time but may have competition soon within the next few months or so if neighboring state Pennsylvania is able to pass legislation. It will be interesting to watch once another state begins to offer gaming to see if New Jersey will have any competition but for now the state is on their own when it comes to being the market leader.