One Poker Room Offering From Amaya Gaming with Full Tilt/PokerStars Merge

Amaya GamingFor years, PokerStars has been the number one online poker room, with sister site Full Tilt Poker coming up in the top five to top ten poker rooms. Both rooms have seen tons of player signups and offers strong online poker cash gaming, tournaments and more. While PokerStars has remained on top, Full Tilt Poker has struggled since 2012.

Amaya Gaming acquired both sites in 2014 for $4.3 billion and now the company has decided to change the way they run the poker rooms. In a surprising announcement this week, Amaya will be combining Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars into a single poker room. The brands will remain separate but the liquidity, accounts and VIP program will be combined under the PokerStars brand.

Amaya released a press release to explain the changes which read:

Amaya Gaming Press Release

Amaya wants to keep Full Tilt as its own brand, providing players will access to the same promotions, table layouts, tournaments and more. Rush Poker is a popular option at Full Tilt that will remain despite the merger. Players will still find the brand they love when logging on to Full Tilt including rewards like The Deal and the avatars found at Full Tilt.

The software at Full Tilt has long been a favorite among online poker players and it seems this software will remain intact. Many felt that the announcement stating that Amaya would be looking to improve one platform rather than two, the brand would lose its gaming software but that does not seem to be the case.

Players who have been on PokerStars only will see a boost in traffic but players who have been loyal to Full tilt will see a change. Players who have an account at both sites will be able to keep the PokerStars account and that username will be the one used. Accounts from Full Tilt will be moved to PokerStars accounts. Loyalty options from Full Tilt will be converted to the VIP Club of PokerStars. Players of Full Tilt who do not have an account at PokerStars can choose to keep their username from Full Tilt if it is available at PokerStars. They can also choose to create a new username with PokerStars.

PokerStars along with the Rational Group worked to give Full Tilt new life in 2012, with PokerStars a serious gaming site while Full Tilt was more of a recreational option. PokerStars has now made moves to be a more recreational site, offering players a gamer friendly environment. Combining the two sites should be lucrative for Amaya gaming, especially since most efforts can be concentrated for the brands.

PokerStars is also preparing to launch in the state of New Jersey, so the merger should happen just in time it seems for the brand to move into the online poker industry of the United States. It will be interesting to see the traffic and revenue numbers once the brand moves into the state as well as with the merger with Full Tilt Poker. Only time will tell if this decision is one that is successful for Amaya Gaming.