New Jersey Online Gaming Reports Show Profitable Fall Awaits

All eyes are on the state of New Jersey as they are one of only three in the United States that offers online gaming. New Jersey provides online casino and online poker gaming, with players who live or are visiting the state, having the opportunity to log online and take part. The state has seen a few lows this year with revenues being less than stellar and not providing the revenues streams expected. However, the most recently figures released by the officials of New Jersey show the state is setting up for a very profitable fall.

The summer months are always slow when it comes to online gaming revenues as individuals are on vacation or doing outdoor activities. The slump for New Jersey summer seems to have come to an end with both online poker and casino gaming showing gains in a month-over-month tally. The trend for month-over-month gain as well as the year-over-year gains suggests the online gaming industry of the state is going to do well this fall.

In total, the state eared $12.5mm in July with casino taking in $10.6mm and poker earning $1.88mm. In July of 2014, the state only earned $10mm so the increase is a nice 24% year over year. Take out poker from the equation, and the state actually increased their percentage of overall earnings at an even higher rate of 34%.

The Borgata casino, partnered with Party, was able to maintain the lead in revenues for casino and poker gaming. They saw growth rates of 5% for poker and 9% for casino. The Caesars casino, involving Caesars, 888, Harrah’s and the WSOP, was basically flat in June and then got behind in July.

For the Golden Nugget and Betfair relationship, the site saw an increase of 8% in June for casino gaming and was able to make 3rd in top operators for casino gaming in the state’s online category. The Resorts AC earned $500,000 for the very first time and has done well despite starting about a year later than the rest. The Tropicana partnership with Virgin was able to earn a just over 7% gain since June and the casino was not far behind the Borgata, sitting at the number 2 spot.

Even more may happen soon in the state of New Jersey with PokerStars expected to be launched this fall. Having spoken with reporters recently, Senator Ray Lesniak, stated that PokerStars is expected to launch soon. Adding PokerStars into the mix would result in a difference in earnings reports. Many expect PokerStars to be big competition for the already established online casinos and poker sites in the state.

It will be interesting to see if players gravitate towards PokerStars as they are a recognized brand. PokerStars has shown they do care for their customers and continually provide unique gaming opportunities as well as changes to the site that keeps content fresh and game play consistent. Will players be more likely to play at PokerStars than other sites? Will PokerStars take the existing traffic of other sites or will their entrance into the state cause other players who would not normally log online to do so?

These are many questions to ask once PokerStars is live in New Jersey. Over the coming weeks, expect to see even more information about the gaming giant and how they will be operating in New Jersey. Only time will tell if the brand will launch this year and what they will be able to provide players.