NJ Online Gambling Revenue Steady in April, Online Poker Flat

As New York and Pennsylvania continue to debate legalizing and regulating online gambling in their states, New Jersey posted strong revenue numbers for the month of April.

Online gambling revenue cracked the $20 million mark for the second time in April as the state reported revenue of $20,822,026 earlier this week. That was the second highest reported monthly total for the state, down slightly from the $21.75 million they reported in March 2017.

While overall numbers and dollar totals may look good, the dollar totals for online poker continue to shrink. In April revenue from online casinos in New Jersey totaled $18,853,649. For the mathematically challenged that counts for just over 90 percent of all online gambling revenue.

That mean’s online poker’s revenue for the month was $1,968,377, or 9.45 percent of all online gambling revenue.

This marked the first time since June 2016 that online poker revenue failed to eclipse $2 million. It also shows a considerable drop from the first months of legalized online gambling in the state when online poker counted for nearly 20 percent of all revenue.

At least part of the percentage drop is due to the rising popularity of casino games, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Online Poker Numbers Down in April

Delving deeper into the analysis of online poker revenue, the numbers in April were down 9.7 percent from a month earlier in March. The reported revenue in March was $2.25 million, which was a 6.3 percent drop from revenue reported in February.

If you go back an entire year the numbers look even bleaker. In April 2016, online poker revenue in New Jersey was just over $2.5 million. That’s a drop of just over 24 percent in one year.

One important thing to note, however, is that April 2016 marked the debut of PokerStarsNJ into the market, leading to an expected uptick in the online poker market. Judging by the current numbers that uptick has disappeared.

There is some optimism that May could show a small bounceback in the numbers for online poker due to the inaugural NJSCOOP at PokerStarsNJ and the World Series of Poker starting in Las Vegas to pique interest coast to coast.