New WSOP Debate Sparks Major Interest

The next edition of the World Series of Poker is set to begin very soon and as with every WSOP, players and fans begin to discuss the upcoming events and players who will be competing in each event, among many other things. Debates are common in the world of poker and one debate has gained the interest of many poker players as well as the media. We came across the latest WSOP debate at PokerListings and found the back and forth quite interesting.

According to the report, it is not uncommon for players to carry a backpack to a poker tournament, including the WSOP. Players will fill the backpack with what they might need for several hours of game play including a laptop, snacks, and other essentials. However, with the recent Boston Marathon bombing, many are discussing whether it is safe to allow backpacks at the event.

Poker player Randy Murfin posted on Twitter on April 29th whether or not others were worried about backpacks at the WSOP. He received a response from Jack Effel of the WSOP who stated that they were looking into the concern. Despite the fact that Effel states the WSOP is looking into the matter, many poker pros are not concerned and are even against the idea of removing backpacks from the game room floor.

Matthew Waxman commented on Twitter that no terrorists are targeting the WSOP and further stated that the backpack issue with the WSOP is like ‘saying that there should be cops randomly checking backpacks in time square or other heavily trafficked areas.’ Others such as Mike Gordinsky, tweeted that stoners are probably losing their s@#% right at the thought of a backpack check at the WSOP.

Players continued to go back and forth on the subject. It will be interesting to see if the WSOP decides to pursue the backpack check option or if the option will be ignored.