New WSOP Dealers Must Undergo Training

The 2013 World Series of Poker is in full swing and this year, officials of the series have a new requirement for the dealers of the many poker tournament events. The dealers must now undergo either a refresher course or undergo a mandatory training program so the dealers are sure to do well during the weeks of events.

Dealers who are new to the series must go through a training program that is mandatory. Dealers who have dealt during the WSOP and have experience must undergo a refresher program so that they are sure to understand the inner workings of the game. According to a recent report by Poker Listings, many players had complained last year about the level of dealing during the series events.

Because of the many reports, it seems as those WSOP officials took the complaints to heart. Jack Effel, the Tournament Director of the WSOP, commented that the dealer training is one of the changes that has taken place during this year’s series. Effel stated: “We have mandatory dealer training for all new dealers joining the WSOP for the first time this year. All other dealers are encouraged to attend for a refresher and many of them do.”

Effel also stated that 1,400 dealers are present during the WSOP as there are so many events with multiple tables for each event. Effel also suggested that instead of taking to Twitter or other social outlets, players should alert supervisors or officials during the event if they have a problem with a dealer. This way, the problem can be addressed and taken care of.

Effel wants to ensure that every dealer is ready for the WSOP events. The dealers are expected to have knowledge of the game as well as the skills needed to deal the games appropriately. Dealers should also be neat in their appearance and have a great attitude at the tables.