New VIP Club Changes coming to PokerStars

Changes are coming yet again to PokerStars as the brand recently announced they are going to be implementing even more changes to their VIP Club program. Players will find new ways of which to be rewarded, though PokerStars is not spilling the full details as to what will take place. The current VIP Club scheme will be changed sometime next year to have new offerings.

One of the big changes coming to the program will be that players will not be earning rewards based on their monthly and annual status. The new system will also be connected to the casino at PokerStars as well as the sportsbook. Those who enjoy poker gaming will also be able to earn rewards for other gaming categories.

These changes are one way in which PokerStars is moving over to capture the recreational poker market rather than focus on the high value players. Changes have been taking place for several months with the brand in this regard.

PokerStars Vice President of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser, talked about the reward program on the blog of the brand, stating that it is difficult for recreational players to be able to enjoy the benefits of playing at PokerStars because the rewards of the VIP Club reset after a month. The monthly basis rewards do not work for such players and PokerStars wants to change that. The new rewards system will do away with the evaluation of monthly progress and will be replacing the option with a rewards system that will be based on recent activity and personalized to the player.

Supernova status was an elite option offered on the current system that did not function monthly but annually. Many players were upset when changes to another type of this reward option were announced. Players had worked for months, 12 to be exact, to be able to earn the specific status (SuperNova Elite) to reap the rewards. This reward category will now become a monthly one as of the first of January 2017.

The first changes to the VIP Program of PokerStars took place on the first of January this year. The most active players of the site did not like the turnaround to catering to recreational players. The SuperNova Elite raking was eliminated and players felt like they had been cheated. There was much discontent among players as many felt they had not been prepared for the changes and were given much less time to adapt than what should have been given.

It was at this time that PokerStars announced they would be working on a new VIP Club system and the changes would happen later on this year. Many of the Team Pro members at the time went online and voiced their opinions on the matter. Such pros as Isaac Haxton actually left the site as they felt the value would no longer be present for their game play type.

PokerStars is one of several sites, such as 888, who are making the move to a more recreational setting. Players who play on an inconsistent basis will find more value than those who want to use poker as a career option. Only time will tell if this decision was a good one for PokerStars. It may be that the brand does away with sponsorships altogether or makes changes to what they are providing for pro players.

Changes continue at each site in efforts to make recreational players feel more welcome. The poker sites are actually offering even more gaming options, including casino and sports betting, to be more well-rounded than just specifically poker in the hopes of being well-received by the recreational gambler.