New Video Program Launched at 888poker

When enjoying the game of poker online, you will find that some players are more casual while others want to be able to have a successful career in the game. With online poker, it is possible to start a career in the game, becoming one of the best in the world at the felt. Poker players from around the world will enjoy the game at their favorite sites, hoping to take down big tournament wins. Once a few wins have been earned, the player can easily get noticed by others players, sometimes earning a spot as a sponsored pro or just recognition for a job well done.

At 888poker, players have a new way of being recognized for game play. The online poker brand has created a new concept that is sure to catch on with players. A new video program has been introduced that will take the activity at the poker tables from a player for a one week time frame and then create a video based on the game play. The video can then be shared on social media, allowing friends and family to see just how dominating you are at the game of poker.

In a press release on the new gaming option, 888 stated that the brand was looking for a way for players to become engaged in a new and powerful way. By adding the new video poker program, players can combine stats and gaming behavior to create a personalized poker series of sorts. A new episode can be watched each week and players can steadily watch their progress and compete against their progress from the last week as well as try to do better than fellow players.

The video will include 21 different data points which will include an aggressiveness meter, a knockout number meter for tournament play, a loose-tight meter, even finding a nemesis for each player involved in the game. Players will have the option to create a weekly video and the story will only continue to move forward and expand. More data can be added based on gender, playing patterns and national rankings.

888poker stated that the game of poker is one of skill that includes a great deal of statistics. This allows the brand to generate a very personal as well as engaging video that will be interesting to the players and improve game play in the process. Once a video has been created for an individual account, the video can then be shared with anyone you like. Every video made will have a built-in share button which will help the user to place the new video on Facebook, Twitter and more. A single click will see the video added to wherever you like.

The program is relatively new at 888poker and players will have to be patient as the online poker brand works out all the kinks. The program was originally created to be used by 10,000 online poker players at 888 and was soon expanded to 20,000 users. The option is for the English speaking market as of now. It is believed that 888 will expand the audience that can use the app in the future with more languages as well as user opportunities allowed.

The graphics, sounds and animations of the videos are well thought out and a unique way for players to showcase what they have done during the past week online at 888poker. Players have already been able to create videos and examples are popping up online for players to view. The unique concept is sure to be a big hit with players, with the option to create videos no doubt being expanded in additional languages in the near future.