New Upgrades to be launched in New Jersey via Partypoker/Borgata

Party Poker New JerseyOnline poker has been available for some time in the state of New Jersey with Partypoker and WSOP taking the top spot as the most popular providers of online game play. Players can only participate in online poker game play at the Partypoker New Jersey or WSOP sites when physically located within the state. Specific technologies are used to help verify the position of players to ensure all regulations are being followed during game play.

WSOP has been the top earner in the state for some time but with new upgrades in the works, the partnership of Partypoker and Borgata may give the WSOP a challenge. Reports on various social media outlets have indicated that Party is planning on upping their game with new upgrades to the mobile and desktop online poker client by early next year. As the New Year approaches, there have been speculation as to what exactly these upgrades may be.

Months ago, players began to complain about the nonexistence of waitlists at the Party site but their pleas went unanswered. Until a few days ago when a representative of Party stated that the product team is working on a wait list solution that should be live by early next year. Waitlists are considered an industry standard so it was surprising that Party did not offer this option from the very beginning. Now speculation has arisen as to how Party will implement the waitlist solution and if it will be different than the norm.

Since the launch of New Jersey online poker in late 2013 by Party, there are have been several issues with game play. From geolocation problems to deposit/withdrawals, players have been less than enthusiastic about the problems that have plagued the online poker sites. Players were unhappy that Party did not offer SNGs and MTTs in mobile game play so SNGs were added soon after. It is now suspected that Party will be adding MTTs to mobile gaming with the new upgrades scheduled for January of this year.

Also considered in the upgrades could be additional enhancements to the mobile interface to create a more streamlined gaming experience. Industry insiders believe that geo-targeting will be improved for mobile devices so players will be able to access the site without any connectivity issues.

The additions should be included by early January as indicated by representatives of Party and many believe that the changes will take place before the Garden State Super Series II which is scheduled for the 11th. Party has a tendency to make updates before major events so players will check out the new updates and take part in whatever tournament or event is scheduled for the same time frame.

In the latter part of 2014, Party has pushed to see a solid regular traffic pattern and has managed to see more game play take place than the WSOP and 888 Poker NJ sites. The software update could help Party/Borgata push further ahead and take the overall lead as the top provider of online poker gaming in the state of New Jersey.

Another interesting point to consider is the Multistate Online Poker Pact created by Delaware and Nevada. The two states have yet to begin interstate poker but could very well do so in the coming year. New Jersey has been asked to join so it will be interesting to see if the option does take place, will New Jersey spread out as well and offer game play to players in other areas. Only time will tell, but interstate gaming could push Party as well as the other operators even further with additional traffic numbers and revenue earnings.