New Tournament Series Released by Full Tilt Poker

Over the past few weeks, Full Tilt Poker has continued to make changes to their online poker gaming offerings. The site has seen changes to the software, gaming formats and so much more. The site has a history of providing quality gaming, offering unique tournament options such as the Full Tilt Online Poker Series. FTOPS is quite popular with online poker players and a recently created tournament series by the site is hoping to see the same success.

Full Tilt has announced a new tournament series has been developed for players to enjoy and is called the Full Tilt Classic. The new tournament series will take place starting on the 11th of September which is a Friday. The series will then continue until the 20th of September, with 20 events taking place. Monday to Saturday, there will be two events taking place every single day. The events are to be scheduled at 12:30 and 14:30 server time with Sunday offering two tournaments as well but at 11:30 and 1:30 server time.

Full Tilt has undergone a complete redesign when it comes to game play and considers their changes going ‘back to basics’. The Full Tilt Poker Classic is a prime example as to how the site wants to get back to recreational gaming. With this new option, players will not see varying levels for buy-in options or pros taking part in hosting the event. The series will simply be two events taking place each day with the majority of the scheduled tournaments coming in No Limit Texas Hold’em form. There will also be events on the schedule that will be in mixed games, Razz and Omaha format.

Table size in the events will vary to include full ring, eight-max, six-max and four-max. There will not be any heads-up tournaments taking place. Casual players are the target for the event with buy-ins ranging from $10 to as high as $100. The Main Event will be the final tournament on the schedule, set for the 20th. This event will be a No Limit Hold’em freezeout and will have a buy-in of $100. The guaranteed prize money set for this event will be $75,000. In total, the series will provide a minimum of $270,000 offered in prize money guaranteed.

Besides the regular tournament series, Full Tilt will also be offering side events. Known as the Full Tilt Classic Side Events, there will be side action placed within the regular tournaments of the Classic. There will be ten side events taking place each day. There will be variety in the gaming type with options such as re-entry and sizing of the tables. The buy-ins for the side events are of the same price point as the regular events but there will be no guarantee for prize money.

An additional feature to note is the Full Tilt Classic Leaderboard. Full Tilt players will be able to earn points while taking part in the events provided. Points will be earned for participation as well as placing after a tournament is completed. The players who earn the most points, the top 100, will earn prizes. The prizes will be paid in tickets for FTP tournaments with first place earning 2 $50 tickets, 4 $25 tickets and 5 $10 tickets. This will be a total of $250 in tournament tickets.

Players who want to earn a seat to one of the Full Tilt events can visit the site now and take part in a satellite. Freerolls as well as low cost satellites are running to help players earn a spot for little to no money. Visit Full Tilt today to get started in on the new Classic action.