New Poker Network Launches Promising US Real Money Play

Last week a new online poker network launched and showed off their very first skin, the online poker site titled Full Flush Poker. The new network is the Equity Poker Network and EPN states they are the only cooperative poker network in the world. The network is promising that they will be offering real money game play for players across the globe including the United States.

The new network currently only offers tables with play chips and a Sunday freeroll with $500 up for grabs. The network is considering this their soft launch and plan on offering full services with their gaming license provided by Curacao. The new network was first mentioned in March of this year and was tagged as a non-profit.

The network stated that all revenue would be given to the operators. The network would include a shark tax which would be rewarded to the skins that brought in new depositing players. The network also has a Clearing House option which is supposed to cover any cross-operation reconciliation payment.

EPN was supposed to launch in the early summer but was unable to. However, the network is now live and in a recent press release states that operators are afforded a level of autonomy to be able to determine tournaments and promotions for their site. Operators have the option of create rewards, bonuses and rakeback to their choosing.

The press release further stated that several ‘well-established’ and licensed operators have already signed on to become part of the new network. The EPN is stating that this is a testament to their early-success. The press release did not state who might be involved with the new network or when real money game play can be expected. It will be interesting to see how this new network survives and if they actually do offer real money gaming in the United States.