New Malware Harmful to Online Poker Industry

MalwareA new issue has arisen in the online poker industry that is shaking player’s confidence in gaming security. Odlanor is a new form of Malware that is harming online security during online poker game play. ESET are security experts who have found the new program that allows criminals online to see the cards of gamers who are online at Full Tilt and PokerStars.

Urban Schrott works with ESET as a IT Security and Cybercrime Analyst and recently announced that every once in a while the security team comes across an issue that stands out, an issue that does not come into the common category of malware that is found each day. Last Thursday, the group announced one of the uncommon issues, which is a Trojan created to target players who enjoy online poker.

The first time Odlanor was found was in late April of this year. The format of the malware is Win32/Spy.Odlanor was created to target players at Full Tilt and PokerStars. The user will have access to screenshots of poker gaming of those using infected machines. A representative of FTP and PokerStars told PokerNews that they are aware of the issue and after an initial review of the gameplay of said accounts, it was found that the malware was present but there was no evidence that the players lost money due to unfair game play.

The representative stated further that it is their constant goal to have top security and to help with security processes, they recommend players protect themselves by practicing security on their computer. The operating system to needs to remain updated and a reliable software used for anti-virus protection.

ESET explained how Odlanor worked as a form of malware. The Trojan is of the typical form to most computers and is infected into the system via Win32/Spy.Odlanor. The malware is downloaded unknowingly with a useful application from a source that is different from the usual website of the software author. The malware will disguise itself as a benign installer for a general purpose program, like mTorrent or Daemon Tools. Additional programs of poker relation that can also be included as a way of infection is the Poker Office, Poker Calculator Pro, Tournament Shark and Smart Buddy.

After the malware is installed, it begins to take screenshots of game play of the poker clients. The pictures are then sent to the operator of the program. The screenshots are dangerous to online poker players as the operator will be able to make decisions based on the hold cards of the victim. The player ID is given with the screenshot so the operator can easily find the player and begin to take advantage.

ESET has found that Odlanor can perform several actions including downloading files from the remote computer or the internet. The program can also run executable files, take screenshots, uninstall itself and update to a newer version.

If you feel if your computer has been subjected to the virus, you will need to check your computer. Players will need to look and see if Odlanor has been installed. A free online scanner can be found at ESET to help you learn if your computer is infected. This program will detect the malware as well as remove it.

To run the scanner, you will need to visit the ESET site and then open the scanner in a new tab. Run the scanner and download the program. You can then follow the instructions for completion. If you do find your computer has been infected, ESET recommends that the password stored on the computer is changed. If you play regularly on the online poker sites, be sure to run a check to be safe during game play.