New Jersey Residents Surveyed by PokerStars

Online poker is nearing completion in the state of New Jersey and poker players are more than ready. Top online poker site PokerStars has been trying to get back in the US gambling market and now the group has surveyed residents of the state to see how they feel about gambling options in the state. Players were asked about gambling brands, online poker and if they gamble.

The survey was sent out via email to residents of the state and the questions gave the company an idea of what they could expect from players. Some questions included:

If online casino games were licensed and regulated in New Jersey, how likely would you be to play these online?

How likely would you be to play online poker with PokerStars if they were granted a license to offer online poker in New Jersey?

Players were also asked about Full Tilt Poker during the questionnaire. The Rational Group, the parent company behind PokerStars and Full Tilt, recently announced that FTP would be offering casino style games so the company was most likely testing the waters on player’s thoughts of the online poker room.

PokerStars tried to purchase the Atlantic Club of New Jersey to gain a foothold in the online gambling market in New Jersey but it was a failed attempt. The gambling group since moved on and now they are partnering with Resorts Casino Hotel to provide online gaming options in NJ. However the company still has to face suitability hearings before they can go live. It will most likely be late this year before online gaming options go live.

Results of the survey have yet to be released but previous similar surveys by the Poker Players Alliance showed that residents of the state of New Jersey are in favor of PokerStars gaming options.