New Jersey iPoker Celebrates 2 Years; How Has the Offering Changed?

Last Thursday marked the two year anniversary of online poker gaming in the state of New Jersey. Since the launch back in 2013, the state has made great strides in the industry. From changes in geolocation technology to software upgrades and processing payments, the industry has involved to a powerhouse in the United States.

The industry did not get off to a great start, having issues with geolocation technology. When online poker began in the state, the technology was used to find the individuals’ location. Players have to be located within the state to be eligible to play. The geolocation technology worked for some while others were unable to log online as the software thought they were located outside New Jersey. After months of issues, the state has been able to satisfy any problems and players can easily log online to enjoy their favorite poker games.

The top partnerships in the state as far as online poker operations are concerned is the Borgata/Party Poker partnership and the 888/WSOP. Both have dominated the market, offering quality tournament gaming, special events, promotions and more. Both seem to go back in forth as to who the dominating option is for players, but for the most part, the Borgata has maintained the lead.

Promotions and tournament options have been plentiful, from all operators but the impact of revenues earned in the state have not necessarily been impacted by the types of promotions offered. The Borgata saw their lead move from a 9.4% market share to just over 3% after 888 decided to offer an 80 percent rakeback offer. When the offer ended, the Borgata took back the lead, with the market share of players.

When the Garden State Super Series took place for the very first time, the Party/Borgata partnership showed great success, combing the online series with the Borgata Poker Open, a popular live event. This helped the Borgata to see a boost in revenues. The MTT series offered by Borgata/Party has also been successful.

The WSOP/888 pairing tends to do better during the World Series of Poker which is not surprising. The WSOP has evolved with the launch of online poker gaming, allowing for players to log online and enjoy game play while in Nevada for the WSOP. The numbers really increase from around May to July as players head to Sin City to take part in various WSOP land based events. The WSOP has even added online events to the scheduled to include the gaming.

888 and WSOP also signed a liquidity agreement with the state of Delaware which was believed to be a game changer. Players in Nevada could take part in the gaming provided by 888 in Delaware and vice versa for those in Delaware. While players are taking advantage of the option, the agreement has not had a huge impact on the overall online poker numbers for both states. The agreement is open to other states such as New Jersey if they choose to join.

What will happen in the future when considering online poker game play in New Jersey? Will the Borgata/Party relationship remain the top provider or will the launch of PokerStars change the industry? PokerStars should launch in early 2016 and it will be interesting to see the market as it changes with the introduction of the major online poker player in the industry. PokerStars is a well-known brand and one that can easily attract players who might otherwise be members of the WSOP or Borgata/Party poker sites. Only time will tell what will happen as New Jersey continues to grow with their online poker gaming offerings.