New Jersey Gambler Busted for Cheating

Gamblers who visit casinos must adhere to certain guidelines in order to be allowed to play at the casino. Players have to follow the rules or they can be thrown out of the casino or even prosecuted for breaking certain gaming rules. A New Jersey gambler recently was sent packing from a casino after it was found that he was cheating a casino.

The gambler is Bruce Koloshi, a fifty nine year old from New Jersey. Koloshi was caught allegedly cheating the Mohegan Sun this past Sunday morning. The gambler allegedly used an invisible type ink to mark cards. The ink was able to be seen only by him as he wore special contact lenses.

The gambler is no stranger to casino cheating. He was also found to be cheating in Reno, Las Vegas and Iowa. According to The Day, Koloshi was caught in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun after he gave a fake name. His fingerprints would reveal his real identity to police.

Koloshi has now been charged with several counts including cheating, criminal impersonation, conspiracy and for fugitive status. The fugitive status was given after the computer check showed htat he was wanted in the state of Louisiana.

He is now being held on $510,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned in the Norwich Superior Court. It has yet to be reported as to how much was won by Koloshi by using the invisible ink scheme. The ink has been described as a substance that was used with finger pad markings from a luminous substance. The naked eye is unable to see the markings but an infrared filter can view the markings.

This is a very interesting case and goes to show how far a criminal will go to work the system. Over the next few weeks more should be revealed in this case.