Nevada to No Longer Report Online Poker Revenues

Nevada State FlagIn the United States, there are only three states that provide online poker gaming; Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. Other states are starting to create online poker legislation to get in on the action and as part of offering online poker gaming as well as any online casino gaming, the state reports revenues. For months now, we have been able to keep track of how much money each state is earning based on the activity at the online poker gaming sites.

In the state of Nevada, the Gaming Control Board has provided updates of revenues since February 2014 and each month, new figures are released. Now we have learned that the Nevada Gaming Control Board will not be providing reports any longer with monthly totals.

According to information by officials, the state will not be reporting the information based on the number of operators who are active within the state’s online poker gaming market. Ultimate poker recently stopped offering services and the state now only has the WSOP and Real Gaming as providers. The state must have three operators to report revenue information.

Online poker first started in the state of Nevada back in April of 2013 with Ultimate Poker becoming the first online poker operator to become licensed within the US. It was almost a year after the initial licensing of UG that that state would begin to issue revenue reports. The Board has a requirement of three operators for showing revenues and many felt that when Ultimate Gaming was removed from the equation, that the Board would remove this stipulation. So far this has not taken place.

So now, those interesting in learning more about the revenues produced by the state will have to go without the information. There is no other operator that seems to be interested in offering gaming in the state so a third operator could be far off from now.

Many in the industry have tried to determine the missing information of earnings based on numbers from the past. The state initially was vague about revenues but once information began to be released, the state shown a gain/loss on a month over month basis. With this information, analysts were able to input the current revenues and then use the changes to go back and determine the amount of revenue from the past.

Despite this information, it can still be difficult to determine the amount of money earned from December of 2013 to the following January as the figures from December of 2014 to this past January have not been released. Based on information given, the NGCB states that $7.7 million in revenues were generated from the launch date to January of last year.

Figures from the state:

May 2013: $425k

June 2013: $642k

July 2013: $861k

August 2013: $683k

September 2013: $761k

October 2013: $1.253 Million

November 2013: $942k

December 2013 (estimated): $1.025 Million

January 2014 (estimated): $1.025 Million

February 2014: $824k

March 2014: $926k

April 2014: $792k

May 2014: $862k

June 2014: $1.004 Million

July 2014: $985k

August 2014: $742k

September 2014: $693k

October 2014: $665k

November 2014: $641k

For now, the information will not be released unless the Board makes changes or an additional operator enters the online poker market of Nevada. There is no one seemingly in the process of launching within the state so it may be some time before any information is released on the amount of revenues earned. Nevada is still behind New Jersey in ways of traffic and earnings but holds the number two spot as the top provider of online poker gaming in the United States.