Microgaming Poker Network Launches Four Card Fright Omaha Gaming

Microgaming Poker NetworkWhen holidays roll around, online poker networks begin to offer unique gaming to get into the holiday spirit. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays, where online poker rooms can get creative, offering spooky deals and gaming opportunities for gamblers. From unique tournaments to cash gaming, online poker players will find hidden ghosts and ghouls at top online poker rooms.

The Microgaming Poker Network is combining the holiday of Halloween with the game of Omaha poker to create a unique experience titled Four Card Fright. The new tournament series is creatively named to allow players to have fun during the fall holiday.

Four Card Fright will be an online poker festival that will offer 14 tournaments. The combined guaranteed prize pools up for grabs will offer €12,000 with low buy-ins perfect for lower limit players. Buy-ins range, for the most part, from €1.10 to €5.50. The new online poker series will begin today and take place over several days, featuring the finale on the 1st of November.

The finale is sure to be a big draw for online poker players as it will have a larger buy-in of €50 and offer a prize pool of €5,000. Any player who wants to try and earn a seat to a satellite for free can visit the online poker rooms of the Microgaming Poker Network and simply play a real money poker hand. Earn a seat and then take time to compete in the satellite, hopefully earning a seat to the finale.

The guarantees are not massive, which means the lower limit players will be taking part in game play. Recreational players will be able to compete and not feel like they do not have a chance to finish well, as most players will be the same style player. The majority of the events will be of the pot-limit Omaha variety with three tournaments offering PLO high-low poker gaming.

On top of the full schedule of events, the Microgaming Poker Network will offer players more value during Omaha SNG gaming. During the Four Card Fright, the MPN will be adding money to the prize pools of the SNGs that include PLO9 and PLO gaming, with buy-ins of €1-20.

#110/26PLO€1 + €0.10€100
#210/26PLO€2 + €0.20€500
#310/27PLO€1 + €0.10€150
#410/27PLO HI/LO€5 + €0.50€1,250
#510/28PLO€1 + €0.10€100
#610/28PLO€5 + €0.50€500
#710/29PLO€1 + €0.10€150
#810/29PLO Hi/LO€10 + €1€2,500
#910/30PLO€1 + €0.10€100
#1010/30PLO Hi/Lo€2 + €0.20€500
#1110/31PLO€1 + €0.10€200
#1211/01PLO€5 + €0.50€750
#1311/01PLO€1 + €0.10€200
#1411/01Finale PLO€50 + €5€5,000

Players can visit a poker room on the Microgaming Poker Network today to begin taking part in the many events of the new Four Card Fright festival. The event is sure to see a nice turnout as the buy-ins are low and the guarantees are solid. Players can earn a seat to the satellite for the final by simply playing online poker, so why not consider the MPN? By playing a hand you already planned on, you can easily earn a seat to a satellite, to then hopefully earn a seat to the big event and possibly earn a cash prize.

The Four Card Fright begins today to players have plenty of time to take part in the new online poker tournament.