Online Poker Application Magic-Poker Gaining in Popularity

When smartphones began to take over as the preferred method of going online, casinos and poker operators took notice. Top operators provide their services via mobile applications to allow players to enjoy poker or casino gaming on the go. In the poker industry, mobile poker gaming continues to gain in popularity as the months go by.

Players love having the opportunity to play their favorite poker games while on the go. With mobile gaming, an application is downloaded to a mobile device such as an Android or Apple phone or tablet. Wherever a user has an internet connection, the online poker gaming can take place. In some areas, online poker gaming is restricted and players do not have easy access. This has caused a rise in applications or online poker sites that offer prizes instead of cold hard cash to get around local laws.

Magic PokerMagic-Poker is an online poker gaming application that has recently taken the world by storm, offering online poker options via an application. The app is currently offered for Android devices via the Google Play store and iOS users can download the application in the iTunes store. The application allows players to enjoy poker online and in return, earn rewards for game play.

Minosday head of Global Business, Miran Park, stated the creation of the application for several devices was not difficult but there were other issues at hand. Park stated:

Miran Park Quote

With the application, players have access to Texas Hold’em gaming and several countries have already begun to take part in the mobile option in just a six month time frame. United States and India gamers have stood out as the countries most interested in the poker application.

Players who are able to win events hosted by Magic-Poker will be able to earn reward vouchers. This February, the application will be offering a tournament that will feature a $2,000 prize pool. The months thereafter will have challenging tournaments that reward players with e-vouchers. This may seem odd but it is a way to not provide cash as a reward, allowing players in certain countries, like the US, to take part legally.

Park stated that the events offer the real rewards vouchers for the winner and in India, players have won events and been able to earn rewards for vouchers worth Rs10000. In the US, players have won vouchers for as much as $3,000, with no other application via smartphone offering such real money rewards.

Players can take part in events and challenges, even taking on missions to earn rewards. Park stated that the application offers in-game missions on a daily basis so that players will win rewards and keep coming back for more. There are weekly events offering exclusive rewards, with every player earning some type of reward.

The application may not be your typical mobile app for online poker gaming, but players will be able to enjoy their favorite game and earn rewards in the process. So far, the Magic-Poker application has been able to operate in the US without resistance and it will be interesting to see if the app only continues to grow in popularity among online poker gamers.