Ivey Poker Finally Launches First Product

Players have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of an Ivey Poker product since talk began of the Ivey Poker project. Top poker pro Phil Ivey has been working on the Ivey Poker project for some time and players can now access the fruits of his labor. The IveyPoker app has now launched on Facebook and poker fans can check out the new social free to play poker gaming option via the social network.

The new option offers an easy to use lobby which has cash games, multi table tournaments and Sit n Go options listed. When players register for the site, they will earn 3,500 chips on the spot and more can be purchased from a real money bank account. Players can start out purchasing 15 million chips for just under $20 but 150 million chips can be purchased for $99, if you want to have a full bank roll for game play.

The best option for players who do not want to spend any cash on chips is to build up their bankroll by playing in the lower limit games. This way, more chips can be earned and then players can move up to the higher stakes games. Players can also use their chips to purchase graphics to send to friends or other players at the table. These graphics can be purchased with chips and sent to players to flirt or intimidate or just for fun!

The site also offers a special gold chip option which can be purchased for real cash. These chips can be used to purchase more gifts known as premium. In the premium options, players will have the ability to purchase training videos which will have tips from top pros in the industry. Fifty gold chips cost under $3 while 1,500 can be purchased for just under $50.

The new IveyPoker app for Facebook is only in the testing phases. Players can enjoy the beta option at Facebook and if it goes well, the official app will be launched on mobile devices such as Android and iOS.