The Ivey League to Stop Offering New Content

Phil Ivey’s poker training ground The Ivey League has announced that it will cease offering new content on May 1.

The Ivey League was launched by the 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner in February 2014, following the purchase and shuttering of Leggo Poker.

Claiming it would be “teaching the world to win at poker,” The Ivey League boasted an impressive group of coaches. Led by its namesake, it also included Patrik Antonius, Cole South, Andrew Lichtenberger and Chris Wallace among others.

According to a release, The Ivey League is ceasing the production of new content due to “the current state of online poker.” That vague answer does not provide a very real explanation for the decision, but the lack of recent content from the site’s big names may be one reason it stopped resonating with users and fans.

The major draws from its coaching ranks, specifically the names mentioned above, haven’t produced new content for the site in at least six months.

Ivey Featured at Full Tilt Poker

This isn’t the first time a poker site with Ivey at the forefront has crumbled. During online poker’s heyday, Ivey was one of the founding members and big name stars featured at Full Tilt Poker before Black Friday decimated the once popular online poker room.

After the Full Tilt fallout Ivey also attempted to launch his own online poker room, appropriately named Ivey Poker, in January 2014. However, the site didn’t even last a year and shut down just 10 months after launch.

Once considered to be one of the top poker players on the planet, the shine has started to wear off Ivey in recent years due to the Full Tilt fiasco and a lengthy string of lawsuits in which he was involved.

His forays into the business side of poker and his legal problems seem to have been keeping Ivey away from the place that made him a star in the first place – the poker table. Ivey hasn’t won a WSOP bracelet since 2013 and he hasn’t cashed in a WSOP event since 2014.

With the 2017 World Series of Poker coming up in a month all eyes with be on the tables to see how many events Ivey plays this year.