International Poker Tour Announced by Alibaba Sports Group

Alibaba GroupAcross the world, poker tournaments take place in small intimate venues as well as huge poker rooms. Poker players love taking part in real money tournaments as they have the chance to enjoy gaming with fellow players as well as earn big prizes for their efforts. Many poker sites or groups affiliated with the poker industry will host special festivals or tournament events for players to enjoy and it seems almost every year some type of new event is created. Just recently a group based in China announced that a new international poker tour should be on the horizon.

Alibaba Sports Group is reportedly going to be offering a new poker tournament tour known as the International Poker Tour. The series will offer stops in Asia, Europe as well as North America. The reports of the new poker tour first surfaced at, a poker outlet of China. The new tournament tour will give players who live in the region a chance to take part in quality poker gaming as well as those who travel to play poker professionally.

Organizers of the tournament have announced that over $7 million will be offered up in prize money in total for the many events on the poker tour schedule. An event has been announced for Shanghai, with over $870,000 in prize money offered for the event and the winner to earn close to $200,000, yet no date has been announced for the tournament.

The Chinese source makes it difficult to fully understand what exactly the tour will provide but according to DZPK offering a healthy poker game with a competitive standard in a fair and open sporting spirit. It seems that the tour will offer additional competition options including bridge and chess. This will be done to cross-promote and bring competitors from poker to the other gaming options.

The area of China has been considered an area that will be a hub when it comes to poker growing and expanding. Take Macau for instance. The area has been a big place for poker tournament gaming, with big numbers in attendance when a tournament takes place. If poker gaming were to gain a stronger foothold in China’s mainland it would be possible that an even bigger boom would take place.

However, this may not be feasible as China is not known for legalized poker gaming. Just last week, an event hosted by the Asia Poker League in Shanghai was stopped and shut down after a licensing issues was found by authorities. However, this did not stop the Global Poker League from expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming poker tournaments and what will shape up in the industry in regards to China.

Alex Dreyfus is the CEO of the Global Poker League as well as the founder, commented that the announcement of the new league is another step towards China being able to embrace the game of poker as a skill game as well as a sport. Now, the two largest tech companies in China, Tencent and Alibaba, are promoting the game of poker. Of course this would be seen as a positive for poker enthusiasts as well as the poker industry as a whole.

It can only be assumed that more information will be provided for the International Poker Tour as the Alibaba Sports Group is able to create events for Asia, Europe and North America. It should be no problem to schedule events in North America and Europe but as far as Asia is concerned, adding events to mainland China may be an issue. It will be interesting to see how well the new IPT fares and what exactly it offers to the poker community as a whole.