Online Poker Info for Upcoming World Series of Poker

WSOP 2015It won’t be long before the 2015 World Series of Poker will begin and players who plan on attending the series should learn the new details surrounding online game play. This year’s WSOP is going to be extremely popular as players will have the opportunity to log online and play in any events they like. Online game play is not available across the United States so players heading to Vegas for the WSOP, will certainly take part in the online gaming options. Even a few of the WSOP events will be offered online, which is unique to this year’s series.

During the 2014 WSOP, players could bring their laptop and take part in online game play. The site now offers iOS and Android platforms so players can now bring their mobile and play online. The Rio, the host of the event, will be providing free Wi-Fi service so players can access the WSOP site whenever they like. Wi-Fi is included in the resort fees for those staying on-site, allowing players to compete in-room as well. The WSOP will be paying for Wi-Fi service to be provided in the tournament area of the WSOP.

Organizers have worked hard to ensure that there will be enough bandwidth in the area to accommodate the large number of players who should be heading to the Rio. Upgrades were added to each hotel of Caesars in Las Vegas with the Rio being the most recent to receive an upgrade in Wi-Fi technology.

The Rio has had the updates for about a month and the limits of the bandwidth have yet to be tested to the maximum limit. However, the recent Consumer Electronics Show took place in the area and proved to be successful with technology needs.

Seth Palansky of the WSOP stated that the improvements to the technology of the properties are light years ahead of the offerings of the WSOP from the past. Palansky believes that the WSOP will be testing the constraints of the bandwidth but the WSOP believes they can handle the basic needs. This would include email, social media, playing in WSOP tournaments online and taking phone calls. However, if players need additional bandwidth for such activities as watching movies, an upgrade can be purchased for a small fee.

The Head of Online Poker for the WSOP, Bill Rini, commented that since online and land based play are now available, they expect more cash game and tournament action to take place in both formats. However, some players may not be able to access cash games or tournaments when they like.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board Regulations, one player for every IP address will be allowed for a specific tournament or cash game. However, this issue should be avoided as the Caesars properties including the Rio has been whitelisted from this restriction. This means these properties are exempt from such restrictions, allowing players to take part in multiple gaming options.

During the most recent Media Confrence Call for the 2015 WSOP, players who are not located in the Caesars properties may have difficulties. Players will not be given the luxury of being exempt from the restrictions, so additional changes may need to be made during game play to be able to take part in specific events.

Players who are heading to the WSOP in Las Vegas can go ahead and register for the site to be able to take part in online game play. By pre-registering, players will have the option to log online without having to take time to sign up before game play begins.