Indiana Gamblers Want Gaming in Airports

The state of Indiana may have a new gambling option if certain officials in the state have their say. It has been reported that certain people have proposed that the Indianapolis International Airport begin to offer gambling options. Those interested would like to see a wireless gambling option made available for passengers. The hope is that the game would help to subsidize more nonstop options at the airport.

The proposal gives the idea that gambling lounges would be created at the airport and anyone who is of legal age to play would be able to. This would cater to passengers who are waiting for flights. The former General Counsel of the Indiana Gaming Commission is one of those involved with creating the proposal for the gambling addition.

Mike Wells is the President of the Indianapolis Airport Authority and he has stated that the idea is clever but he does not think the idea will go anywhere. The lawmakers in the state are very particular and remain cautious when any proposals involve expansion for gambling. These same type of proposals for gambling expansions have been rejected in the past.

This is not the first time that gambling would be made available at airports, as both Las Vegas and Minnesota offer this option. However, it has been proven that gambling revenues have not been as lucrative as planned. This could be another reason why the state of Indiana may decide to forgo the idea.

However, the state will most likely have to do something to make up for the increase in gambling around the state. Many neighboring states have increased their gambling options and the casino is losing out to revenues that could stay in the state. Officials are trying to find different ways to make revenue as well as maintain the numbers from gambling in the state and this just may be one way to do so.