Illinois Legislator To Push for Online Gambling

The state of Illinois has tried several times to see online gambling options legalized in the state but have yet to do so. The governor of the state, Pat Quinn, seems to always find one reason or another to avoid passing legislation that contains language that pertains to the online gambling options.

Currently, the governor has stated that he supports a bill that is in rotation but there are a few exceptions that need to be made and further review is needed.

And just as it seemed as if online gambling was going to be shut down yet again, the Senate President stepped in recently. It is believed that the Senate President, John Cullerton will be removing online gambling from the docket and allowing it to continue as a separate issue. The State Journal-Register has reported their findings and this option may be just what the state needs to get legislation on the table that the governor will approve of.

With the separation of online gambling now on the table, legislators may have an easier time convincing the governor to pass legislation. A current gambling expansion bill has been changed several times to meet certain needs with the latest changes taking out campaign contributions that are handed out by those in the industry of gaming.

The language was also changed to include education funding. Quinn requested these changes and his requests were answered positively. Hopefully this will be the changes needed to put him in the right frame of mind for online gambling legislation.

With nearby states jumping in on online gambling options, the state would need to move quickly to have any shot of getting a strong foothold in the industry. It will be interesting to see if these changes will be made and the bill will be able to move forward or if Governor Quinn will continue to veto such options in the state.