Full Tilt Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary of Fast-Fold Poker

Full Tilt PokerEvery top online poker site has to have some type of gimmick, promotion or standard event that brings players back again and again. This can be a guaranteed tournament with a large prize pool, reload bonuses, jackpot games and more. Online poker sites will be able to see solid traffic numbers by offering incentives that players enjoy. Online poker sites such as Full Tilt offer incentives and special programs to keep players coming back for more. The online poker room is also the inventor of fast-forward poker, an online gaming option that has taken the industry by storm.

Full Tilt Poker debuted fast-fold poker in the form of Rush Poker five years ago this month and since that time, online poker sites began to create their own methods of rush gaming. From Speed Hold’em to Zone Poker, Fast Poker and Blaze Poker, every top site tried to match the gaming option first created by Full Tilt. Top sites wanted to be sure they had a variant of the fast-fold option to ensure their players would have the same quick game play option as Full Tilt.

In today’s poker industry, fast-fold poker has become a must, as players have the option of playing a quick game whenever they like. As you take part in fast-fold poker, you will be taken from table to table as you fold. This allows you to start a new game immediately instead of waiting for the hand to play out. Full Tilt Poker has been so successful with Rush Poker that almost half of their cash game action takes place on this table type.

With the introduction of Rush Poker, Full Tilt went on to capitalize on the concept, creating even further fast mode options such as Adrenaline Rush. This option is even faster than Rush and was launched just one year ago. With this game type, you are not allowed post-flop betting and only four players per table maximum.

Full Tilt has managed to offer quality gaming options such as Rush Poker and is now awaiting entry into the United States online poker market, particularly in the US. The site was subject to newsworthy articles just a few days ago as players in New Jersey thought they saw a precursor to real money online game play from the gaming giant via mobile devices.

Players were able to download the Full Tilt software within the state of New Jersey and were sent a message that read the site licensed and regulated for real money game play in the state. However, after numerous reports on the subject, Eric Hollreiser of Rational Group stated that the inadvertent message was identified and corrected.

According to Hollreiser, the group has been developing a mobile poker application for real money game play in the state of New Jersey and have submitted the application for approval to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The application must be reviewed in conjunction with the application for licensing within the state. Apparently there was a bug in the update and the application inadvertently included a pop-up window that alerted players within New Jersey that the offering was now available.

This is not the case and the issue was soon resolved. However, this does give players the idea that it may not be long before Full Tilt will be made available within the state. The site as well as PokerStars is undergoing a rigorous application process before they will be allowed to offer real money game play within the state.

All signs point to yes and with Rush Poker, large guaranteed tournaments and a respectable reputation, the brand would be widely popular with poker players in the region.