Former Seals with Clubs Operator Accepts Plea Deal in Nevada iGaming Case

In the state of Nevada, it is legal to play online poker gaming at a licensed and regulated site. Operators such as the WSOP provide online gaming sites so players can take advantage of online poker game play. To become an operator of online poker gaming in the US, operators must have obtained licensing from the Gaming Control Board and after approval, provide gaming based on strict rules and regulations. Any site that does not adhere to these terms is considered illegal and will be shut down.

Brian MiconSeals with Clubs was an online poker room operating in the state of Nevada and was considered a legal option by the operators due to the fact that no real currency was used. Players had to purchase Bitcoin to take part in gaming and this is a form of virtual currency. The chairman of the site, Bryan Micon, was under investigation earlier this year and has now pled guilty to avoid a long jail sentence for operating illegally within the state.

A plea deal was set between Micon and the state after the gambler was charged last April with operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system. This charge has a fine of $50,000 and as many as ten years in prison. However, because Micon is agreeing to a plea deal, the terms are much more lenient and he will only have to pay a fine of $25,000 and face a single charge which will eventually move from a felony to a misdemeanor. Along with these terms, Micon must also allow the state to keep the money, electronic equipment and Bitcoin seized during a raid of his home.

The plea deal is conditional to Micon completing the probation period, which has yet to be set by the judge in this case. Micon is set to appear back in court on the 6th of July to learn the final conditions of the plea agreement.

Micon had just returned from Antique last week after he fled the country when the February raid of his home took place. Government officials in Nevada agreed to cease an arrest warrant so Micon could return to Las Vegas and face charges.

The Seals with Clubs website was the first of its kind to offer bitcoin payments in the US and was closed after the raid on Micon’s apartment took place. The chairman of the site fled the country in fear for his family as well as himself after the raid. During his time in Antigua, Micon tried to start a new online poker site titled which continues to offer poker gaming today with Bitcoin currency. Seals with Clubs had been operational for three years and was far more lucrative than the SWC site.

With the current standings with the legal case against Micon, it has not been reported as to if the SWC has been affected. We do not know if Micon is still invested in the company or if he sold his share. Micon has basically left the Internet since fleeing to Antigua. He was a public staple on Twitter and has been absent for the past two months.

Micon also tried to create a GoFundMe page to help with his campaign efforts but was unable to secure funding and actually had his page taken down. Though GoFundMe has yet to say why they removed his page. This case will now take a short break until Micon comes back to court on the 6th to see what the judge has in store. This case is the very first to involve sentencing when it comes to a bitcoin operated online poker site.