Former Lock Poker Spokesperson Blames Overspending for Player Issues

Lock PokerIn the early stages of Lock Poker gaming operations online, the online poker site was a top competitor. Players enjoyed taking part in tournaments, cash gaming and more. Over time, players began to experience issues, especially when it came to cashing out winnings. Over the past few years, millions of dollars in payments are due to players who have been waiting way too long to be paid what is due. According to a recent report, the reason Lock Poker began to see issues was due to overspending.

Reports by players estimate that as much as $15 million and more are due to players who have not been able to cash out their bankroll funds. The site continues to operate offshore so players have not been able to gain assistance from authorities. Lock was one of a few that was available to players in the US and now these players cannot access their funds.

Shane Bridges used to work for Lock Poker as a spokesperson for the company and decided to speak with PokerFuse on the subject. On top of reporting on the company, Bridges also stated that Lock owes him back pay and is hoping that the information he provides will help others in the poker community.

When asked if the player’s money was gone, Bridges stated that he has never seen any financial information but would think that with no movement for cashouts in over a year, one could assume that the money will not be paid.

Bridges was asked as to why the company had failed. In response, Bridges stated that it was too much instability and possible overspending of management. The aggressive low margin marketing of the online poker room could not be sustained when including the constant network changes and the growing processing problems within the online poker industry. Bridges even called out Jen Larson, the CEO of the company, by stating after Larson would talk about putting every penny back into the company was exercising obvious lifestyle spending habits that were somehow being funded.

When asked about overspending and lifestyle spending, Bridges discussed $500 bottles of wine at each meal, champagne drinking, large tipping during meals, etc. Overspending of management was in relation to business costs that Bridges perceived to be extravagant. First class flights were booked with 5 star hotels during every trip.

Continued discussions with PokerFuse then turned to player funds. Bridges was asked when he felt that players were not going to see their funds returned. Responding, Bridges stated that it was in early 2013 that he felt as though the company had one final chance to get out of the hole they had dug themselves. But as each month passed and no changes were made, his belief in the turnaround began to crumble. By summer he felt as though chances were slim then by the end of the year, he had no remaining faith in the company.

It is interesting that Bridges chooses to come forward now as players continue to build a case against Lock Poker. The site has went from a top performer to a complete let down with players having waited years to try and get money back that is rightfully theirs. It will be interesting to see what develops overtime and if anyone with Lock will decide to respond to the interview of Bridges. Only time will tell if players will ever see any money back. It is instances like this that give good online poker sites a bad name and can lead to a negative impact on the industry as a whole.