Fall Poker Festival Coming to WSOP.com

Fall Poker Festival 2015WSOP.com offers quality online poker gaming options for players located in the state of Nevada and New Jersey. Players who live in these states or passing through, can easily log online and take part in premium gaming. From cash gaming to SNGs and special events, the WSOP offers a long list of real money poker options. With the arrival of October, the online poker room will now be preparing for the Fall Poker Festival. Both states will host the festival, running the tournament series separately.

The festival will begin on the 25th of October and will have several events scheduled over an eight day period. In New Jersey, players will be competing for just over $60,000 while players in Nevada will be able to compete for over $80,000. Each will be rewarding players with a Champions Ring to whoever earns the win for the Main Event.

On the 1st of November, players will find the Main Event taking place. This event will have a prize pool of $30,000 in New Jersey, with $35,000 in Nevada, both guaranteed. Players will have to buy-in to the event for $200 with re-buys and add-ons also offered.

Before the main event, the series will host the very first event on the 25th which will be a $12,000 GTD NLHE with the option for re-entry. The buy-in for this event will be $200. The $12,000 guarantee is for New Jersey, with an increased prize pool in Nevada at $20,000. Overall, the tournaments will be similar between New Jersey and Nevada, with just a few minor differences.

One difference in the Fall Poker Festival between the two states is the Happy Hours option in New Jersey. From now until the 25th, players in New Jersey can log online to the WSOP and take part in Happy Hours. From six to ten pm, the site will allow players to earn entries into a drawing which will provide winners tournament tickets. Tickets will be worth as much as $200, giving players the option to earn their seat into one of the Fall Poker Festival events.

Players will be able to earn on entry into the drawing for every APP earned during WSOP Happy Hours. The entry drawings will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from today until the 26th. There will be seven winners drawn each day. Prizes each day will include:

  • One $200 Tournament Ticket
  • Three $10 Tournament Tickets
  • Three $1 Tourney Tickets

The more APPs earned by a player, the more entries to win a tournament ticket. Players in both states can also take advantage of the first-time deposit bonus which is worth up to $400 on a 100% deposit. Players can easily earn extra cash to continue to enjoy game play at the online poker room.

Full Schedule of Events:

Event                                       Date/Time                 Buy-in                                   Guarantee

$20,000 GTD(Re-entry)   Oct. 25th 4:30pm           $200                                       $20,000

$2,500 GTD PLO (R&A)   Oct. 26th 6:00pm           $30                                         $2,500

$7,500 GTD (R&A)            Oct. 26th 6:00pm            $50                                         $7,500

$2,500 GTD                        Oct. 28th 6:00pm            $20                                         $2,500

$6,000 GTD (6-Max)        Oct. 29th 6:00pm            $50                                         $6,000

$1,600 GTD (Turbo)         Oct. 30th 6:00pm            $10                                         $1,600

$5,000 GTD                       Oct. 31st 3:00pm             $100                                       $5,000

$35,000 GTD                     Nov. 1st 4:30 pm             $200                                       $35,000

The schedule for the Fall Poker Festival will vary depending on where you are located. Be sure to visit the WSOP site and find out the exact schedule for your location. If you are located in New Jersey, spend time online during Happy Hours over the next few days, hopefully earning a seat in the Fall Poker Festival before it begins on the 25th of October!