Erkut Yilmaz wins WPT Borgata Poker Open

Erkut Yilmaz gave his poker earnings a major bump over the weekend after claiming his first World Poker Tour title by winning the WPT Borgata Poker Open.

Yilmaz battled a 1,075-player field in the $3,500 No-Limit Hold’em tournament. That large field led to a $3,441,075 prize pool and Yilmaz’s portion for the win was $575,112. That was his largest live tournament cash to date and increased his lifetime live-poker earnings to $1.53 million.

When the final table began, Yilmaz was in a great position as he held more than half of the chips at the table. The first player sent packing at the final table was Anthony Maio. His king-jack wasn’t good enough up against pocket kings and he was eliminated in sixth place to cash $121,697.

Following him to the rail in fifth place was Liam He with a $159,616 payday. Austin Wentling bowed out in fourth place to cash $211,562, while Oleg Shnaider finished in third place and picked up $283,341. Yilmaz took care of Shnaider when his ace-king trumped Shnaider’s ace-jack.

Yilmaz vs Miles heads-up

It came down to Yilmaz and T.K. Miles heads-up for the tournament title. When heads-up play began, Yilmaz had the chip lead with 25.6 million chips to Miles’ 17.3 million. Over a few hours and 56 hands, the two battled it out with the chip lead actually changing hands a few times.

On the final hand with the blinds at 300,000/600,000, Miles limped from the button and Yilmaz checked from the big blind. The flop showed 5h-4s-3s. Yilmaz checked again and Miles bet out 800,000. Yilmaz came back at him and raised all-in. Miles made the call. Yilmaz showed 6d-3d for a pair of threes and an open-ended straight draw, while Miles called with Kd-5s for a pair of fives. The turn card was the 6h, giving Yilmaz two pair and the lead. Miles needed a king, five, two or seven on the river to survive but it wasn’t to be, as the 4h landed, giving Yilmaz the hand and the win. For the second-place finish, Miles received $383,399.