Delaware Ready to Launch Online Poker Options

On October 31st the state of Delaware plans on launching online poker options for real money game play. Players in the state borders will be able to play the games online and compete against fellow poker players. The state will launch online poker on the last day of the month and according to the Lottery Director, Vernon Kirk, the state is anxious to begin working with other states.

Many wondered when the state of Delaware would be ready to launch online poker gaming and they have remained quiet about their launch until recent weeks. Many thought the state would have issue as they only have under one million people in the state and player numbers would be low. It was believed that the game of poker would be delayed and only traditional casino games would go live, but this is not the case.

The state is working with 888 Holdings to provide the online poker platform and in just two days the option will be available. According to Kirk, the state is ready to work with Nevada and New Jersey. Nevada is certainly ready to work with Delaware and once the state is offering their online gaming options, they will be able to aggressively pursue this option.

Kirk not only discussed the option of working with other states on a national level but it was also discussed about international options. The state could create international compacts to offer their gaming options to players in other states. This would certainly be a big step and it will be interesting to see if the state actually pursues this option. In the meantime, we wait the two days to see what the real money online gaming option will be like in Delaware. Players are certainly ready and everyone is watching to see how the state enters the market.