Who is Responsible for the DDoS Attacks on Poker Sites?

DDoS AttackWhen a player logs online to enjoy a poker tournament or cash game, they expect the online poker site to run smoothly. There will be no glitches or disconnections of service. Of course, from time to time the internet can go down, leaving you cut off from a tournament or an online poker site can suffer from a technical difficulty. These are all common things that can happen at random. However, not so random is the Distributed Denial of Service attacks that are happening on a regular basis at top online poker sites.

These attacks have hit several poker rooms over the last few months including Americas Cardroom, PartyPoker and PokerStars. Even New Jersey was faced with an attack of the online poker room with the attacker asking for ransom to be paid before service would be restored. The attacks have many wondering if the attackers are actual poker players or just tech savvy individuals?

The Winning Poker Network is one of the most frequently attacked networks available online today. The Million Dollar Sunday tournament offered by the network has been attacked frequently, where players are interrupted during the competition for a piece of the $1 million prize pool. $200,000 is paid to the winner and before the final round can commence, the event is shut down due to the DDoS attacks.

Even last Sunday, the event was attacked but the technical team of the WPN were able to handle the attack with no damage, allowing the tournament to continue. Last year, the team was not able to control the attack and the event had to be cancelled. This makes the attacks appear to be geared towards the Winning Poker Network as if someone has it out for this particular poker brand, even better saying it is the Million Dollar events that are being targeted.

When the attacks began to continue, many industry insiders began to discuss who could be to blame. Who hates online poker to the extent of shutting down websites during major tournaments? Could it be Sheldon Adelson, the man behind the movement to ban online gambling completely in the United States? Sheldon did create the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling and vowed that he would do whatever he had to so that online gambling would be stopped. However, it is not likely that Sheldon is behind the attacks as he would not know where to begin when it comes to planning a large online attack.

Many feel as though a poker player is involved. Who would have a real motive behind shutting down game play in a big tournament such as the Million Dollar Sunday? Many players and officials have voiced their opinions that the person behind the attack is a computer hacker trying to create havoc on the poker industry. Could it be a player trying to shut down the WPN or perhaps make players stop visiting sites that operate on the network?

The last two events of the WPN in regards to the Million Dollar Sunday had huge overlays, of around $200,000. This is a big amount that if it continued, would leave the WPN with little choice but to stop providing the option for game play. Players would be scared to visit the site and take part, as they might lose money or positioning due to another DDoS attack.

For now, there does not seem to be a solid explanation as to who is causing the attacks. Online poker sites are just working overtime to ensure that big events, as well as standard gaming is watched and any type of attack is handled before players even realize.