Davenport wins WSOP Circuit main event at Horseshoe Council Bluffs

David Davenport had quite a weekend at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs casino in Iowa. At the latest stop for the World Series of Poker Circuit, Davenport went from not even planning on playing in the series’ main event tournament to winning the whole thing to claim his first WSOP Circuit title.

Davenport went up against a 266-player field in the $1,675 main event. He outlasted them all to claim his first WSOP Circuit championship ring, as well as the $97,754 prize for first place. Davenport also secured himself a spot in the 2018 Global Casino Championship at the end of the current WSOP Circuit season.

Davenport looked like a long shot to win heading into Day 2 of the tournament. With 47 players remaining going into the second day, he was 45th in chips. He was able to get his chips all-in at the right moments to gradually grow his stack and get back in the running for the tournament title.

One of the most important hands of the tournament for Davenport came when only three players were left. Holding the middle stack at the table, he made a key double-up against chip leader Jeffrey Tebben. Davenport was all-in pre-flop with A-9 and looked to be in good shape against Tebben’s A-7. The flop changed that when it showed 7-6-5 to give Tebben a pair. A miracle 9 on the turn vaulted Davenport back into the lead and gave him the hand when the river was a 2.

Davenport vs Tebben heads-up

Not long after Davenport doubled up through Tebben, Andy Van Blair, the low stack at the table, was sent packing. That left Davenport and Tebben to square off heads-up. When heads-up play began, Davenport had the chip lead with 3.72 million chips to Tebben’s 1.72 million.

On the final hand of the tournament with blinds at 20,000/40,000, Tebben raised to 100,000 pre-flop and Davenport called. The flop showed Kd-9s-6s. Tebben came out betting 125,000 and Davenport called. The turn was the 9c and both players checked. The river was the 2d. Tebben checked and Davenport bet 300,000. Tebben quickly check-raised all-in, which Davenport snap-called. Tebben was bluffing with A-J, which was no good against Davenport’s 9h-8c for three of a kind.

For the second-place finish, Tebben pocketed $60,401.