Daryl Aguirre wins historic WPT DeepStacks event in Texas

The World Poker Tour made history earlier this week, finishing its first-ever event in Texas. The state and its tough gambling laws have been tough to crack, but the WPT appears to have found a way after running the WPT DeepStacks Houston earlier this week.

The $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament was run by the Freerolls Poker Club. Under Texas law, it is illegal for operators to make a profit on poker games by taking a rake or a tournament entry fee the way a casino normally does. To get around this, Freerolls offers daily, monthly and annual memberships to their club. They also make revenue through in-club advertising and by offering food, drink and other entertainment.

Freerolls’ method appears to have satisfied regulators for now as the tournament went off without a hitch with 790 players buying in. When the last card was dealt, Daryl Aguirre was the last man standing to claim the $143,765 first prize, which included a $3,000 WPT DeepStacks championships package.

This was the first major win for Aguirre, who saw his live-poker earnings skyrocket to $166,007 after the win.

Aguirre vs Brice heads-up

To post his first big tournament win, Aguirre had to get through Jason Brice heads-up. When heads-up play began, Aguirre had some work to do as he trailed Brice nearly 2-to-1 in chips with eight million to Brice’s 15.6 million.

Aguirre took over the chip lead early on after claiming a pot of over eight million chips. He pulled in the major haul after going all-in on the turn, forcing a decision on Brice, who folded. Following that hand, Aguirre had 12.7 million chips to Brice’s 10.95 million.

On the final hand of the tournament with blinds at 150,000/300,000, Aguirre raised to 800,000 pre-flop and Brice called. The flop showed Jd-7h-4d and Aguirre bet out 1.5 million. Brice again called and the turn showed the 3s. After a check by Aguirre, Brice bet two million, to which Aguirre check-raised all-in. Brice made a quick call. Aguirre showed Kd-Jh for a pair of jacks, while Brice had 10c-7c for a pair of sevens. He needed a 10 or seven on the river but swung and missed when the 5s dropped. For second place, Brice received $98,735.