Danny Freitas wins WSOP Circuit main event at Playground Poker Club

The fourth season of the World Series of Poker International Circuit began late last month with the circuit’s first-ever stop at the Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada. The main event concluded earlier this week and when the final card was dealt, Canadian Danny Freitas was the last man standing.

The $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em tournament had a 2,401-player field that generated a $2,328,970 prize pool. That’s in Canadian dollars, and converts to about $1.7 million US.

According to the prize structure, the winner of the main event was due to cash $310,000. However, Freitas’ winnings were slightly less due to a deal he made once the tournament reached heads-up play.

Freitas vs Boulais heads-up

It came down to Freitas and fellow Canadian Maxime Boulais heads-up for the tournament title. Heading into heads-up play, Freitas had a sizable chip lead which led the two competitors to strike a deal for the final two payouts. Under their deal, Freitas would receive $244,930 and Boulais would receive $210,070. Left on the table for the winner of the tournament would be an extra $50,000 and the coveted WSOP Circuit championship ring.

With Freitas holding such a strong chip lead, heads-up play was over very quickly. On the final hand of the tournament, both players pushed all-in pre-flop. Freitas showed Kc-9d, while Boulais had Jc-8d. The flop favored Boulais when it showed Js-Qs-4d, giving him a pair of jacks. However, it also opened up a gut-shot straight draw for Freitas. As luck would have it, the 10s hit on the turn to complete Freitas’ king-high straight. Boulais was left drawing dead and the 9h on the river was meaningless.

Freitas added the extra $50,000 to his cash to give him a total of $294,930 Canadian, or roughly $223,000 US. That was his second cash during the WSOP Circuit’s stop at the Playground Poker Club. He also finished sixth out of 3,503 entries in the $330 Colossus tournament which earned him $22,000. The winner of the Colossus was Jason Mandanici-Turcot, who pocketed $125,130.