Changes Coming to PokerStars This August

When it comes to online poker gaming, brands must continue to offer quality gaming and features to keep players interested. Such sites as PokerStars has remained a top brand for many reasons, one of which for making changes when they are needed. However, sometimes changes are made that players are not happy with. This could be changes to reward programs, tournament guarantees, basically any feature that players have gotten used to. With software changes and upgrades, we usually lose out on something we enjoy but also have something to look forward to.

We have recently learned that PokerStars is going to be making a few changes beginning on August 1st. The new policies will affect players who take part in VIP Player Points as well as include additional policy changes. Beginning on the 1st of August, the online poker room will no longer be adding player’s accounts with VIP Player Points based on rake earned during the live events sponsored by PokerStars.

Confirmed by PokerUpdate, the change will very well impact the rewards tier, which is the cashback percentage, for players at PokerStars as they took part in online gaming as well as live events. Many players visited the forum at TwoPlusTwo, hitting up the News, Views & Gossip section to speak out about the impending changes.

A member of the forum, known as OurSurveySays, posted an email which speaks of the change. The email asks for players to send an email to by 2016 if they feel the lack of live event awards are affecting their Milestone Cash Credits or their Stellar Rewards. Many feel as though the change is unfair as players are trying to earn bonuses or even elite status. PokerStars usually takes into consideration the thoughts of their players so it will be interesting to see what becomes of this change in the future.

A number of changes have been made since PokerStars was acquired by Amaya Gaming as a means to cut costs or be profit generating, whichever way you slice it. In late 2014, PokerStars increased the percentage of rake available for Sit & Go tournaments as well as Cash Games. The increases were then rolled back after players fought the change, with PokerStars then only affecting the Spin & Go tournaments, essentially the lottery style games.

Affiliates of PokerStars were also affected this year, just three months ago. The company decided to alter their revenue share play with many longtime affiliates affected. The lifetime payouts were limited for the older accounts that signed up via affiliate links to a two year time frame.

PokerStars affiliates who were dependent on the monies earned were hit the hardest. Many are suggesting that this change in revenues is attributed to the decision by Bluff to stop their operations in the next few weeks. The revenue sharing was a big blow, especially considering the affiliates who helped to build PokerStars to what it is today.

On a positive note, hopefully the next change for PokerStars will be one for the better. We are still waiting to see the online poker room enter the United States online poker market via New Jersey. The company is said to be going live sometime this fall, if everything goes according to plan. Now that is up for grabs, PokerStars may have stiff competition if GVC Holdings or 888 Holdings becomes the new owner of the top gaming company.

For now, players will have to see what happens with the reward change coming this August. If enough players speak out against the changes, it would not be surprising to see PokerStars do something to try and make amends.