Casino Legislation Signed in New York

According to a recent report by CardPlayer, the state of New York may soon have the option of creating four new casinos in the state. Legislation was recently signed by Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state, to allow for commercial casinos to be built in New York. The legislation is for four casinos and voters will now have the opportunity to have their say this fall.

The Upstate New York Gaming Economic Development Act of 2013 was signed last week and it took only two months for the legislation to reach the governor’s desk. Cuomo submitted the bill a few months ago and only three casinos were in the original plan but he soon added four into the mix.

The bill stated that the upper part of the state would be divided into regions and a single resort casino would be able to be developed in that region. The actual area for the casinos has yet to be determined. Cuomo spoke with the Legislative Gazette and stated that New York had been giving away gaming revenues to neighboring states. Cuomo wants to put New York in a positive position to be able to have the gaming monies spent in NY instead of surrounding states.

The regions for casino consideration in the state are located in the Central-Southern Tier, Capital District/Saratoga and Hudson Valley/Catskills. State gaming regulators will be deciding the location for each casino if the legislation gains voter approval. Regulators will also be in charge of overseeing gaming operations and taking care of tax revenues in the state from gaming.

Gaming in the surrounding states continue to grow so New York will need to start strong to gain a foothold in their communities to be able to be successfully as there are many successful gaming options just a short drive from the state in many directions.