Carbon Poker Introduces SuperSonic Sit N Gos

Carbon PokerCarbon Poker, which is the flagship site on the Merge Poker Network, have introduced new SuperSonic single-table Sit N Go’s, and they are claiming them to be “the fastest poker you have ever played.”

With the reintroduction of the Bad Beat Jackpot and now with these new fast-format SNGs you can play, it seems pretty clear that Carbon Poker has a clear focus on catering to recreational players that like the fast-paced action because they get to play lots more hands and can gamble a bit more.

This new addition to the line-up of Sit N Go games at Carbon Poker will compliment their current SNG offerings that includes Heads up, 6- Max, STT, and MTT Sit & Go’s with a range of different blind structures (hyper turbo, turbo and regular blind levels.) The new SuperSonic Sit N Gos are available in two different formats – 4-Max and Heads-Up (HUSNGs) – so you can either play short-handed or heads-up games in this new format.

There are several differences between a 6-Max Hyper Turbo Sit N Go and the new 4-Max SuperSonic games. When playing the 4-Max games the blinds increase every 2 minutes instead of 3 minutes, with the introduction of a new Level 1 blinds (10/20) at the start of the game and a new Level 7 (50/100) blinds level.

The new Heads-up SuperSonic games are even faster if that’s possible to get your head around, featuring 1 minute blind levels. In comparison to Hyper Turbo HUSNGs which have a 2 minute blind structure, making them lightning fast to play, and provide an exciting change for players that love adrenaline-fueled action. You start with more chips, but the increasing pressure of the the blinds quickly make it a super short stacked game, and so players will be in shove-fold mode if they are going to play a hand, as chip stacks will be too shallow to play “real poker.”

In the SuperSonic Sit & Gos it’s a winner-takes-all format and considering they have less rake than the other SNG games, the winner of the tournament stands to win a lot more money. There is also no time bank available to players in Supersonic SNGs, so there is no chance of the action being slowed down with players taking a lot of time to make decisions, as that would go completely against the way this game is designed.

In terms of the buy-ins, they range from $1.10 to as high as $1,050 for Heads-up and from $1.10 to $215 for 4-Max SuperSonic games, so there is a SNG for every type of poker player. It’s a great way to get started playing Sit N Go’s online. Carbon Poker’s SuperSonic Sit & Go’s are accessible at anytime of the day under the “Sit & Go” tab, then just click on “Supersonic” to join one of the available 4-Max and Heads-up SuperSonic games.

During the month of August, Carbon Poker has a reload promotion going on, so players can take advantage of a 100% reload bonus on deposits of up to $500. So now is as good as a time as any to give the new SuperSonic Sit & Gos at Carbon Poker a go.

Although the new SuperSonic Sit & Go’s should prove to be very popular with recreational players, the good news for SNG grinders is that with the games playing so fast, players can can get in some really big volume when playing them, making them more attractive to play. Players that don’t yet have an account set up at Carbon Poker should read our Carbon Poker review for more information.