Build Your Bonus Promotion Is Back At Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt PokerLast year, Full Tilt Poker unveiled a new promotion to get players to download and play games on their site. Due to the success of this Build Your Bonus promotion, Full Tilt Poker has announced that it will be back over a period of 10 days, from April 14 through to April 23.

This new promotion will allow players who opt in to the promotion to earn up to $400 completely free by playing in any real money games and trying to reach the highest target bonus, which requires players to earn 10,000 Full Tilt Points (FTPs).

In order to receive this bonus, players must first opt in as they normally would by click on the “My Promotions” page whereby you will see instructions to claim the bonus. You can claim the Build Your Bonus on Full Tilt up to April 19.

During the 10-day qualifying period that players have to clear the bonus offer, in addition to reaching certain points thresholds, another requirement to be eligible to receive the bonus money is to earn at least a single FTP on five of the ten days during the promotional period. So, you will want to dedicate some time to playing poker on Full Tilt most days after claiming the bonus to at least play a few hands to be eligible to receive the bonus.

The biggest cash bonus you can receive as part of the Build Your Bonus promotion is $400, although there are smaller targets that recreational players can shoot for. Full Tilt Poker is also offering $200, $100, $50, and $5 cash bonuses. This smallest bonus only requires players to earn 100 Full Tilt Points during the qualifying period, which is not difficult to achieve even playing at the micro stakes cash tables.

At the end of the Build Your Bonus promotional period, players will automatically be credited with 40% of the total bonus they are eligible to receive, after which the bonus clearing period starts, and the remaining part of the bonus is released in 3 equal parts.

For players that didn’t manage to accumulate as many Full Tilt Points as they had hoped to earn the full cash bonus, they will be given a few additional days during the clearing period to earn enough points to release the rest of the bonus they are trying to clear. The amount of extra time that players will have to release the rest of the bonus they are shooting for is based on the number of days that a Full Tilt Point was earned during the qualifying period, which ends on April 23.

So, if a FTP was earned on 5 days during this period, players will have another 5 days during the clearing period, which starts April 24, to try and release the rest of their bonus. This is great news for all players on Full Tilt Poker, making it possible for the vast majority of players to earn at least $50 completely free playing their favorite real money games on the site.

So what are you waiting for? This Full Tilt Poker promotion begins Monday, giving players plenty of time to earn points and release cash bonuses on the virtual felt at Full Tilt. Players can track the progress of their bonus by going to the “My Promotions” page, which is located within the “Cashier” of the Full Tilt Poker client. Points can be earned in any real money games, including Rush Poker and Adrenaline Rush, which would be two of the fastest ways to clear the bonus. As is typical with promotions on Full Tilt Poker, however, additional points that are earned in other promotions like Happy Hour don’t count towards this promotion.