New Bitcoin Online Poker Site Quietly Launches Without Fanfare

Get Lucky PokerIt is tough being a top rated online poker site as players expect a certain type of quality when it comes to gaming, performance, software and financial transactions. Players tend to be loyal to one or two online poker sites and these sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, must continue to provide quality action so players remain members of the site. Because of well-established poker sites, it can be difficult for new sites to launch and be successful. In recent years, a new method of financial transactions have supplied an outlet for new sites to be born. Bitcoin has become popular with online gamers and top poker pro Michael Mizrachi just recently launched an online poker site based on the payment processing method.

The new site is titled Get Lucky Poker and recently launched in beta form with little to no fanfare. The site is open to players from around the world including the US. Once beta testing is complete, the site will be able to launch officially but no hard launch date has been announced as of yet. The Get Lucky Poker Twitter account announced the launch and has posted updates on the subject.

The Get Lucky Poker site uses Bitcoin as the payment processing method exclusively. The virtual currency method seems to be catching on and Mizrachi felt as though this was the right avenue for his online poker site to pursue. A second Bitcoin operated poker gaming site is expected to launch soon as well, titled Bitnplay and Burnturn Poker, both scheduled to launch early this year.

While Bitcoin has not been accepted by the mainstream yet as a financial option, poker rooms continue to push this method. Get Lucky Poker feels as though the more services and merchants that use the currency options, the more attractive Bitcoin will become. The site believes that the method will soon be accepted by online gaming as a whole.

To stay afloat, the new online poker site must now bring in players to build a large field of competitors. To get started, the site is offering a 100% welcome bonus which is worth up to 1 Bitcoin. The currency size for 1 Bitcoin is currently at around $290.

The site will also offer a Bad Beat Jackpot which will offer a 50% payout when a loss comes from Aces full of Kings or better. Smaller percentages of the jackpot will be given to those who are involved in the hand including the winner, other players, seed money and administration fee. Frequent Player Points will also be offered at the site with top rakeback amounts for those who earn the most FPPs.

Get Lucky reports they are offering top quality gaming in a safe and legal environment open to everyone. Customer support and software is said to be of the highest quality so it will be interesting to see if players are accepting of the payment processing option and if gamers take to the new site backed by the top poker pro.

Using Bitcoin as the exclusive payment processing option is quite risky and could be considered a big gamble. The site will certainly have to bring in players and keep them to be able to keep up with other top sites such as Carbon Poker, Party Poker, 888, etc. There are many established sites already that offer quality gaming and players tend to pursue gaming where they know the reputation and value of gaming available.

So for now, the new site will be in beta mode and will move forward once the testing phase is complete. How long this process will take has yet to be determined but more information should be released by Get Lucky Poker in the coming weeks.