Big Changes Coming to 888 Poker

Beginning in late 2015, online poker rooms began to switch gears. Instead of catering to the professional poker players, top sites began to set their sights on recreational players. In the past, online poker sites could use sponsorships of top pros or events involving the professionals to entice gamers to log online for poker game play. However, it seems players gaming has shifted and sites have made adjustments accordingly. Players will now find poker rooms are offering more incentives and rewards than ever before, for the everyday player rather than the career professional.

888 Poker is the latest brand to announce major changes within the site that cater to the recreational gamer. 888 will begin the new changes toward the end of March, on the 28th, when traditional rakeback will no longer be offered. The online poker room will provide a new reward scheme titled 888poker Club and offer new gaming options as well.

888’s reward scheme is nothing that has not been seen before but will be a big change for the brand. Players will be rewarded as they complete challenges, moving up in the reward levels and gaining tokens along the way. This new reward program will move away from the high-volume style players and be more geared toward the average poker player.

The news of the rakeback removal is not something that will be taken lightly as players have been used to having this option to earn cash back or at least justify regular game play. Players would earn a percentage of cash back based on the rake, the amount of fees paid during game play. This incentive would keep the high volume players coming back for more.

Online poker rooms now believe that this type of incentive, the rakeback, has caused high volume players to compete differently and has created a gaming environment that is not attractive to the recreational players, who make up a large percentage of the player pool.

With the new rewards system, players will be able to earn great rewards, but the high-volume players will see a significant drop in the rewards they can earn while recreational players will have more options. PokerStars was the last online poker room to make huge changes within their rewards scheme and the brand ended up seeing boycotts and major issue by players in regards to the changes. PokerStars decided not to honor players rewards if Supernova or SuperNova Elite status was earned.

888 Poker has taken note from PokerStars methods and decided to honor their commitments. Players who earned the highest level of VIP at the site will still find their rewards honored. A representative of 888 announced on Two Plus Two that the brand will be honoring their cashback commitment to all players, including those with VIP status. Players will be able to earn their yearly cashback based on the existing rewards plan.

Players who have rewards points currently will see those points transferred into Gold Tokens of equal value. Players will earn a new level in the 888poker Club based on their current level now and will be able to enjoy the rewards system not only with online poker but also with casino and sports betting sites of the brand.

With the new system, players will be able to complete missions to earn prizes. Players will earn points based on the mission completed and then reach new levels within the reward scheme. Gold Tokens will be awarded and can be used to earn cash and prizes. As part of the changes, 888 will also be offering free tournaments daily and $100,000 in guaranteed prize money each month.