Mobile Poker Games FAQ

Over the past couple of years, we have seen many mobile poker games launched by poker rooms on versions of their software. Almost all of the major poker rooms currently have a real money version of their software.

There have even been some smaller rooms that have developed software and launched mainly for play on mobile devices. Ignition Poker is one of the best poker mobile apps for US poker site action.

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This is great news for poker players around the world, especially those looking to play on the road or maybe even at a Starbucks!  The ability to play poker on your mobile phone or tablet gives you the ability to play poker anywhere, anytime.

The phones and tablets that the poker software is compatible with vary depending on the poker site. The majority of the sites that have released software that is compatible with the most popular phone and tablets including Apple products and Android products.

Can I Play Real Money Poker on my Phone?

Yes you can play real money poker games on your smart phone. Some sites have developed dedicated apps for your phone. Other sites have created instant – no download versions of their software that will load directly in your phone’s browser so that you can begin playing right away.

To begin playing poker on your phone you will first need to create an account at the site that you would like to play at. Many of the mobile versions of the poker software do not support the sign up process. So, you will need to sign up at the site on a laptop or desktop computer. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to sign in with your username and password and begin playing instantly.

Once you create an account at a poker site you will be able to play games either on your mobile device, or you can also play on your computer. If you are in the middle of a poker game at home and need to go somewhere then you can simply switch to your mobile version of the software and pick up right where you left off. This is great for long tournaments.

Depositing at Mobile Poker Sites

A few of the sites that have created mobile software have enabled very simple and user-friendly cashiers. When you are playing at these sites you will have the ability to deposit and withdraw funds right from your mobile phone or tablet. Right now, this is only available at a handful of sites though as most are still in the process of launching beta versions of their software too.

If you are playing at a site that does not have a mobile cashier then you will need to log in to your account from a computer to make deposits and withdraw funds. Once you have made a deposit the funds will be available instantly for you to play with either on your mobile device or home computer.

You will have the same deposit options when you are depositing to play on your mobile device as you have when you are depositing to play at your computer. Some of the most popular deposit methods that poker players use include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), EBT (Electronic Bank Transfer), and Prepaid Visa. This is just a few of the most popular options. The options available to you will depend upon the country you reside in and the options offered by the poker site.

Which Phones or Tablets Are Compatible with Mobile-Friendly?

You can play real money poker games on almost any smart phone. The compatibility varies by poker room. However, the most popular mobile poker software formats include software for the iPhone and Android phones. Windows phones and Blackberry phones are also supported at many of the rooms.

You can play mobile poker on a large variety of tablets. Many tablets are powered by Android devices, which is an open-source software developed by Google. You will have no problems finding mobile poker rooms that will work on your “Droid” tablet.

Players are also able to play mobile poker games on all of the Apple tablets including all iPad models and iPad Mini’s.

Is it Safe to Play Poker on my Phone?

If you feel comfortable playing poker on your home computer then you should feel just as comfortable playing on your mobile phone or tablet. You will want to make sure that the site you are playing at has security measures in place. Most mobile sites use encryption software to ensure that no third party will ever be able to gain any of your personal on banking information.

So the simple answer is that it is very safe to play poker for real money on your mobile device. You must make sure that it is a legitimate poker site before you play for real money. We encourage you to play at the sites that we have reviewed here at our site. These sites are all legitimate sites that you will be able to play at safely.