Best Poker Sites

The best poker site is relative. Meaning, a site that fits me well may not be the best option for you. We very well may have different tastes in games, banking methods and stakes. Having different goals will also impact which sites we choose to play at.

That said, there are constants that stay the same in each of the best poker sites. Things like trust, traffic, solid support and more. These are the qualities that we feel each of the following sites excel in. That’s why we’re able to recommend them.

To get started, just choose the site you want to play at (or read the reviews). Then create an account, make a deposit and you’ll be all ready to go. Further below I break down what the best poker sites are not.

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What Best Poker Sites Are Not

1. Cheaters

The best poker sites will not cheat you out of your money. Period. No matter what may happen to their company, or what mistakes they may have made.

A good example of this is PokerStars. Despite having their domain name confiscated, charged with crimes and penalized with fees, they still managed to pay their once US customers back in a timely matter.

Who didn’t? Oh, you know, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute and Ultimate Bet Poker. Guys who respectively had the second, third, fourth, etc in market share.

The best sites know that they’ll make plenty of money by instilling trust in their players. By letting their players know that they’re money and information is safe and accessible to them at all times.

2. Lacking in Traffic

You know what I hate the most about sucky poker sites?

Nearly all of them lack in the traffic department.

I could easily forgive the lack of additional features, emoticons, fancy graphics, etc if these sites had enough traffic to run the games I want to play, when I want to play them.

The best poker sites have traffic. They get traffic because they’re the best, not only in the games they offer or because of the traffic they have, but (usually) because a combination of things — great support, payments on time, promos and more. The other things I cover in this list.

3. Late on Payments

Sites that send your payments late, seemingly whenever they feel like it, suck a lot. Most of them should be avoided at all costs.

You know the sites.

The ones that tell you with a straight face that your payment is on the way every single time you email them for an update — which has been once per week every week since you requested a withdrawal 8 weeks ago.

You know what’s (slightly) worse?

Poker sites that do the above, then have the nerve to ask that you file another request because the last one didn’t work. Then having to repeat the waiting game all over again.

F@$k that.

4. Sassy on Support

The best poker sites have a great support team. They respond fast, are helpful and knowledgeable. More importantly, they don’t waste your time or insult you by blowing smoke up your ass.

Bad poker sites are just the opposite. They treat you like you’re a burden, instead of the guy that helps keep the lights on. They take more than 24 hours to respond, and when they do their responses don’t solve your problem. That then leads to a game of email tag.

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5. Cheap

The best poker sites take care of their players. They offer deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and they take care of the fees for your deposits, and preferably your withdrawals, too.

Better yet, the best poker sites have great VIP programs in place. They offer you the opportunity to earn great prizes, and they pay you cash back on the rake you pay.

The absolute top poker sites run tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in guaranteed tournaments every month. Even millions. And they don’t back out on fulfilling the guarantee when the tournament doesn’t fill up, which usually isn’t a problem anyway because everyone loves their site.

6. One Night Stands

The best poker sites are not one night stands. They’re not focused on trying to lure you in with promises of great bonuses and tournaments, only to drop the ball later on. Or worse, take your money and run.

The best poker sites focus on building a partnership with you. They want you to be a loyal customer. When they make a promise they stick to it. They offer to help you make deposits and withdrawals, even though they don’t necessarily have to. They make your gaming experience enjoyable by taking care of trolls, people that swear or play so many tables that they’re constantly timing out, all the while making everyone wait on them.

The best poker sites want you to come back, over and over again. The best poker sites want you to like them so much that you refer them to your family and friends.

That’s the type of site you want to play at. That’s who we recommend.